MapleVirtual Portal is a state-of-the-art cash management platform which offers the treasury solutions needed to run your business or family office. Bank with us from anywhere, via desktop, tablet or mobile.

These include:


Customizable reporting

Customizable reporting of account activity including ability to upload into your accounting platform

Remote check deposits

Remote check deposits via desktop scanner or mobile phone

Customizable Alerts

Customizable alerts by account and transaction ensures visibility over what is important to you

MapleMark Analysis Checking

MapleMark Analysis Checking will allow business clients to offset service fees with account balances with an earnings credit up to 1%.

Wire Transfers

Creation and approval of wire transfers, ACH collections and payments including Payroll and Tax Payments

Fraud Mitigation Solutions

Fraud mitigation solutions including Check and ACH Positive Pay, Stop Payments, ACH Blocks and Filters

Funds Transfer

Funds transfer between MapleMark accounts

Dynamic Access Control

Configurable system access and transaction limits based on your unique needs. Users only see services they need to access to perform their duties, without limiting the scope of services available to others within the company.