MapleMark offers a substantial list of services that enable you to simplify the task of managing your finances. We’re also constantly listening to our customers to make sure we add new benefits and conveniences that are important to you.

Just as important, we are committed to protecting your assets and safeguarding your information. To that end, MapleMark is actively involved in ensuring that security is second to none.


With Online Banking from MapleMark, it’s easy to manage your finances on your schedule. Access your accounts from home or office, anywhere you have an internet connection – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access to many expanded services including:

View All Bank Accounts

See all your accounts in one place – from loans to CDs to money markets accounts. It’s all right here at your fingertips.

Check Balances

Easily retrieve current and available balances on all your MapleMark accounts in one convenient place. You’ll always know the status of your finances.

Make Payments

Pay your loan with MapleMark from your deposit account with us.

View Statements

See statements for all of your transactions during the past 24 months.

Account Services

We offer many services such as ordering checks, stop check or view a stopped check.

View Transaction History

View debit or credit transactions made to/from your account within the past 24 months.

Make Internal and External Transfers

Transfer funds between your MapleMark accounts. Moving money has never been simpler, and changes to your balances are reflected in real time.

Paying Bills

Pay your bills with MapleMark from your deposit account with us.

Account Maintenance

If your contact information has changed, you can add/change email, add/change phone number, update your address, etc.

Contact Options

Contact us, manage alerts or send a message.


With all the convenience you need, Mobile Banking is the perfect solution for your on-the-go lifestyle! Available for iOS and Android. Please search for MapleMark Bank in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you’ve opened the app, use your current online banking ID and password to log in. You will be presented with new terms and conditions. Accept them and you’re all set!

Mobile Web for non-Apple/Android users; You can still access your online banking information via your phone. Please click here to access this version using your online banking username and password.

All Your Accounts in One Place

See all your accounts, from loans and credit cards, to CDs and money market accounts. It’s all right here at your fingertips.

Internal Transfers

Transfer funds between your accounts at MapleMark. Moving money has never been simpler, and changes to your balances are reflected in real time.

Secure Login

At MapleMark, nothing is more important than the security of your accounts. To gain access, you must first register online and create your own username and password.


Text banking offers an alternate option to get account balances and transactions. You supply a command and account number.

To use this feature, you must first enroll via Online Banking. Once you complete the activation process, type the following URL directly in your mobile device

Text Banking Commands:

Function: Balance
Command: B
Description: Summary of available balance for all accounts.

Function: History
Command: H
Description: Summary of recent transactions per account

Function: Command
Command: C
Description: List of available Text Banking commands

Function: Help
Description: Help content for Text Banking

Function: Login
Command: L
Description: Receive a URL for the MapleMark Bank mobile browser website

Function: Stop
Command: S
Description: De-activate all MapleMark Bank text services


Call customer service at 972-698-5760 for additional assistance.

Wire to:

MapleMarkBank (Receiver Bank)
Physical Address:
4143 Maple Avenue, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75219

ABA Routing # 111026135


Your Name (Beneficiary)
Your Address
City, State, Zip

Your MapleMark Account Number


In addition to online and mobile banking, MapleMark offers an ever-growing number of products and services designed to make your financial life a little easier. Talk to your banker for more information on any of the below features:

Debit Cards
Debit Card Alerts

One of the benefits of banking with MapleMark is that we take security seriously. This includes extra fraud protection for your debit card. We use real-time denials for known fraud threats and emerging counterfeit activity. Should we detect any suspicious activity, we will contact you to confirm your authorization of the charges.

Travel Notices

At any time, you may call us to add travel notices to your account. This keeps us from flagging transactions as fraudulent when you’re on a trip, so you can continue enjoying all the conveniences of your debit card.