Traditional CD

A traditional CD is a great way to lock in a competitive rate for a fixed period of time, and know exactly what you’ll walk away with.

How It Works:
There’s nothing fancy about the traditional CD account. Decide on your term, lock in your rate and you’re guaranteed an interest payment once the CD matures.

Account Features:

  • Online & Mobile Banking
  • eStatement
  • FDIC Insurance up to $250,000
  • Interest is calculated using the daily balance method and is credited monthly.

Best for:

  • Taking advantage of a short-time high rate
  • Freeing up your invested funds sooner
  • Knowing exactly what you’ll walk away with

If you would like to open a CD for a trust or business, please call our Client Concierge team at 866-698-5760.

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of Deposit
Certificates of Deposit Account Registry Services
Competitive rate on
savings for a fixed period
FDIC insured higher balances, consolidated to one bank relationship
Interest Bearing
Minimum to OpenIn-Branch: $1,000
Online: $25,000
Minimum Daily Balance
to Obtain Disclosed APY
Terms and Rates90 Days to 36 Months. See Available Rates.Call a Banker for Terms and Rate 866-698-5760

The APY we pay is based on your opening deposit amount. Advertised APYs are subject to change. Early Withdrawal Fees could reduce the earnings on this account. Early Withdrawal Fees depend on the terms of your account. Refer to account opening agreements for the full details.

Your CD will automatically renew at maturity for a time period equal to the original term. The interest rate for each renewal term will be the rate currently offered on the maturity date. You may redeem your CD within 10 days after the maturity date without penalty.

Certificates of Deposit
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