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Our cybersecurity technology helps protect your personal and financial information. Below are just some of the controls and safeguards we have in place to protect against online security breaches.

Antivirus Technology – MapleMark Bank utilizes Antivirus technology at many layers throughout our infrastructure.

Network Firewalls – Network traffic is allowed based on traffic type, port, source, and destination.

Data Encryption in Transit – MapleMark Bank encrypts data while it’s traveling from network to network or being transferred from a local storage device to a cloud storage device.

Data at Rest Encryption – MapleMark also encrypts data that is NOT actively moving from device to device or network to network such as data stored on a hard drive, laptop, or flash drive.

Intrusion Prevention/Detection – It is nearly impossible to make a firewall that is, by itself, tight enough to stop all possible ways of connecting a back door and still have a network that fulfills the user’s needs. Therefore MapleMark has additional Intrusion Prevention technology in place which incorporates deeper analytics and traffic inspection services to better detect malicious traffic.

Spam Filtering – MapleMark Bank uses advanced spam filtering technology to protect email as it flows in and out of the organization using techniques like white/black-listing and anti-spoofing.

Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation (DDoS) – DDoS attacks are network traffic jams that temporarily block access to targeted websites. The attacker sends enormous amounts of network traffic to an online service, such as a website, in hopes of overwhelming the servers to the point where users can no longer access it.  At MapleMark Bank, we take the threat of DDoS attacks very seriously and have systems in place to mitigate the impact of such attacks, ensuring our online systems have maximum availability should a DDoS attack occur. Our inimitable goal in the event of a DDoS attack is to limit service interruptions and protect client data. While DDoS attacks can’t be 100% preventable, MapleMark Bank is working determinedly to deploy effective security measures to protect customer data.

Patching Strategy – We have a comprehensive patching strategy to rapidly apply the latest updates to fix software security holes identified by our software or hardware vendors.

Web Content Filtering – Our content filtering technology screens incoming web pages to determine whether some or all of it should not be displayed to the user by checking the origin or content of a web page against a set of rules. MapleMark Bank internally blocks out pages from web sites that are likely to include spyware, viruses or fake content (pharming) to secure our network from web-based threats.

Internal Security Awareness Training – MapleMark employees are required to complete interactive cybersecurity awareness training courses on a periodic basis.

Technology Governance and Oversight – “IT governance” refers to the way we run our Information Technology organization. At MapleMark Bank we make it a priority to employ seasoned IT professionals who know the banking industry. Our goal is to define policies and procedures that ensure the effective and efficient use of our Information Technology resources, to enable our institution to achieve its goals, first and foremost our “cybersecurity protection” goals.  Our technical staff works diligently to ensure the effective evaluation, selection, prioritization, and funding of our IT initiatives and in a compliant fashion.

Redundant Systems – From hardware power supplies to our geographically dispersed redundant data centers, MapleMark Bank’s philosophy is to eliminate single points of failure and maximize the uptime of our systems and customer facing applications. We require the same level of redundancy from our 3rdparty providers.

Data Loss Prevention – MapleMark Bank has security controls to detect and prevent the unauthorized transmission of information from our institution to outsiders. For example, our controls include the ability to prevent data exfiltration based on common numbering patterns like account numbers and social security number formats.

Data Backup, Archive and Replication – Aside from our perimeter security layers, MapleMark Bank mitigates the risk of data corruption and ransomware threats by utilizing multiple backup, point-in-time archive, and replication methods.

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